Monday, June 8, 2009

What A Girl Wants

Colleen Mondor, of Chasing Ray , is hosting a brand new, exciting round table of women authors talking about "What a Girl Wants."

It launches later this week, and I'll be participating!

Here's a sneak peek at Colleen's introduction to the conversation:

"I've been a bit bothered for awhile now about the kind of books being published for teen girls. As anyone who reads YA titles knows, there are a lot more books for girls out there than boys.... But for girls, I can't help but think that while there are a lot of books with female protagonists, there are not a lot of books with diverse female protags.... For every Dewey (courtesy Ellen Klages) or Rose (courtesy Hilary McKay) you have to wade through a lot of mean girls. And don't even get me started on how difficult it is to find minority characters or GBLTQ characters in teen girl fiction. I've written about all of this before but what I'd really like to hear now is what other people think about the current status of books for teen girls and what it says about both what they want to read and what publishers think they want to read."

Curious? Intrigued? Check out the full post on Chasing Ray.

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